About us

SOFRADEN is a French manufacturer of mixing equipment founded in 1991 which designs and produces a full range of industrial mixers for different applications.
Everything started with a patent relating to intensive blade mixer patents and our range of mixers has been growing and improving ever since. Approximately 250 SOFRADEN mixers are currently being used worldwide by about 100 different clients.

SOFRADEN designs and manufactures a standard range of high performance mixers which meet the needs of most industrial applications.
However, due to our extensive mixing expertise, we are also able to design and adapt our standard machines according to your specific needs or to manufacture special mixers.

Our solutions derive their strength from a design which abides by 5 golden rules:
performance, reliability, flexibility, scalability, cleanability.  


SOFRADEN mixers can be used either for mixing powders or granules, or else for mixing liquid and/or semi-wet/pasty products:

If your process comes with specific requirements, we design our mixers to meet your precise specifications. For instance, should your mixers be used in a potentially explosive environment, we will design your machines in accordance with your specific ATEX classification.


SOFRADEN is an equipment supplier which is fully committed to supporting its clients and has developed a wide range of services to meet the ever developing needs of its clients. 
We carry out inspection or maintenance audits, supply spare parts, perform maintenance operations and can take on the revamping, upgrading or retrofitting of your mixers.
We also suggest “turnkey” mixer replacement solutions to upgrade your existing production line.