Adhesives & grouts

Tiling and floor preparation products require high quality mixing processes and precise formulations.

These products may come in the form of dry mortars or else ready-to-use paste:

  • Levelling compound reinforced with synthetic fibers
  • Light screed made with expanded-materials
  • Thinset mortar
  • Ceramic Tile Adhesive (CTA)
  • Adhesives in paste form
  • Tile grout

These products are obtained with complex formulations which may include extenders, various adjuvants, fibers, pigments…
Mixing these products requires high-performance tools with considerable dispersion strength. Our intensive blade mixers for batch processes  are widely used for these applications due to their high performance and flexibility.
When combined with our Clean In Place (CIP) system, our blade mixers are the perfect solution for mixing products which are colored or contain fibers while avoiding cross-contamination between batches.
Mortars which are referred to as “dust-free” can be manufactured by incorporating our liquid spraying system to the mixer.

Our reactors/dispersers produce ready-to-use adhesives in paste form by dispersing solid extenders in liquid binders. The flexibility of our solutions means that products with very different rheological properties can be manufactured using the same machine: exterior wall coatings, tile adhesives in paste form or waterproofing coatings.