Crop protection products

Crop protection products, also called phytopharmaceutical products or PPP are made in the agrochemical industry to treat or prevent diseases that affect plants and crops.

This category of products includes the following:

  • herbicides
  • fungicides
  • insecticides
  • repellents
  • acaricides...

These crop protection products are made up of components such as minerals, metals, synthetic and/or natural chemicals…

They are produced in powder, liquid or gel form.

Our rotating drum mixers are highly suited for the mixing of these plant protection products in powder form. A perfectly homogeneous mix is obtained thanks to gentle mixing of the various components. Very little heat is produced by the process so the properties of the active components remain intact.

Our reactors/dispersers can produce plant protection products in liquid or gel form. The flexibility of our solutions means that a same machine can perform mixing operations on products presenting very different rheological properties so can manufacture both low and very high-viscosity products.