Drawing from its in-depth awareness of the food industry regulations, SOFRADEN has developed a range of equipment for mixing powdery (flour, sugars…), granulated or pasty products.

The food industry produces a wide variety of products in liquid, pasty or solid form (powders, granules…).
Each application has its own very strict requirements which call for precise mixing specifications. Homogeneity of the mix and preservation of the physicochemical properties of fragile and delicate ingredients are extremely important aspects in the context of food destined to human consumption. 

Some examples of food products mixing:

  • Raw materials: mixing of various types of flour, cereals, sugars or making a pre-mix...

Our intensive blade mixers and our  ribbon mixers are perfectly suited to these applications.

Our rotary drum mixers can also be used for homogenization operations such as mixing aromatic herbs for example.
 In terms of food mixer, discover our "animal feed mixer"

  • Flavoring / Coloring processes can be undertaken by injecting flavoring or coloring into the mix so as to impregnate powders or crystals.

Our rotating drum mixers may be equipped with liquid spraying systems. The gentle mixing action does not have a detrimental effect on the crystals and guarantees highly homogeneous flavoring or coloring.
This process is frequently resorted to in the sugar and tea industries but also in enology (treatment of oak chips for instance). 

  • Formulated food – functional food - pharmafood:

Our reactors/dispersers are used to produce emulsions, mayonnaise being the most obvious example, and pasty products. They can also be used to mix or disperse a variety of different raw materials as a step in the manufacturing process of soups, dairy drinks, vegetable puree, fruit compote…

Our industrial mixers destined to the mixing of solids will meet your needs when formulations require the mixing of dry ingredients: intensive blade mixers,   ribbon mixers, rotary drum mixers