Metallic powders

Metal powders are used very frequently in industrial processes. They can be added to a mix so as to give it the precise physicochemical or physicomechanical properties sought for. Some examples of finished products containing metallic powders: 

  • friction materials
  • cutting tools
  • parts obtained by sintering
  • explosives
  • reloading powder
  • paints
  • cellular concrete...

Additive manufacturing, which uses powders and in particular metallic powders, is a process which has developed considerably over the past few years.  
This process, also referred to as “3D printing”, shapes parts by gradually adding successive layers of material and is used to make prototypes but also ready-to-use parts (quick process).
Selective laser sintering for example is a method that produces a 3D part in successive layers: a laser selectively fuses powdered material by scanning cross-sections.
The powder used must be extremely “fluid” to optimize the process and ensure the layers are evenly distributed. Since some of the powders used are hygroscopic, a drying operation is sometimes required prior to their use for this process.   

Our mixers for metallic powders

Our  vacuum dryer mixer has been designed to meet these specific requirements. The vacuum created in the vessel means that evaporation temperatures can be considerably reduced and this in turn implies lower energy consumption.
This kind of mixer can be a jacketed vessel mixer, to heat or cool the mixture, at atmospheric pressure.

Our  intensive blade mixers are highly suited to metallic powders requiring intimate mixing so as to obtain perfect homogenization.