Polymers & silicons

Polymers are used extensively in industry for various applications, the best known being thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers.
They are to be found in numerous finished products destined to industry or the general public.
Polymers may be natural (cellulose, starch, natural rubber…), or synthetic (polyvinyl chloride-PVC, polypropylene – PP, polyethylene – PE, polyurethane – PU, polyamide – PA, polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE...).
Silicones differ from the organic polymers mentioned previously due to their mineral origin since the basic material used is silicon.

Polymers and silicons mixing applications

These polymers can either be used to produce finished “plastic” products (bottles, inflatable boats, cling film, car bumpers, plastic elements for carpentry, textiles, domestic appliances…) or as additives in composites such as adhesives, paints, lubricants, foam, composite materials, explosives, friction materials, building materials, food products (polysaccharides such as alginates or starches) and for many other industrial applications…

Polymers come in liquid, powdery and pasty forms.

Our mixers for polymers and silicons

Our  rotary drum mixers are extremely effective tools for the homogenization of various polymer powders. These mixers for polymers are also used for powder granulation which in turn can be used to reinforce polymers (with fiberglass for example).

Our vacuum dryer mixers have been designed to perform operations required for the production of certain polymers such as the separation of active elements or solvents.
The vacuum created in the vessel means that evaporation temperatures can be considerably reduced. This implies lower energy consumption and composites containing heat-sensitive polymers can be dried without affecting their properties or causing a reaction.
This kind of mixer can be a jacketed vessel mixer, to heat or cool the mixture, at atmospheric pressure.  

Our reactors / dispersers can mix and disperse solid elements contained in a liquid base. The flexibility of our solutions means that both high and low viscosity products can be produced using the same machine. These viscous product mixers can be adapted to your requirements and applications.