Dissolver, disperser, reactor mixer

SOFRADEN has developed a range of reactors / dissolvers / dispersers called SOFRAMIX.
We developed this range of disperser mixers with our clients’ efficacy and productivity requirements in mind. Our goal was to design a flexible and scalable solution to meet the needs of all your applications, ranging from the most basic to the most complex.

Particular attention was paid to cleanability of the machine: our fully automated Clean In Place (CIP)  system cleans vessels thoroughly without human intervention. This guarantees reproducibility, enhanced productivity and a hazard-free cleaning operation.

To meet your specific performance and cost requirements, this category comes in two versions:  and .

Soframix range of reactors, dissolvers and dispersers

Both these versions of disperser mixers share the same main features, i.e.

  • Vertical vessel with conical bottom to optimize dispersion of materials and discharge
  • Liquids and powders fed through the vessel dome (gravity feed) or the bottom of the vessel (vacuum assisted feed)
  • Dispersion tools are adapted and sized depending on the level of viscosity and finished product specifications (emulsion mixer, dispersion mixer...)
  • Double outer shell to heat or cool the product
  • Clean In Place system (CIP)
  • Vessel kept under vacuum or at a constant pressure

The version provides optimum performance and enhanced flexibility. Compared to the  version, the dispersion tool located in the bottom of the vessel has many advantages:

  • Mixing of products with higher dynamic velocity
  • Broader range of dispersion tools which are easily interchangeable
  • Enhanced performance thanks to presence of a central propeller

Our viscous product mixers can be manufactured using a wide range of materials and designed in accordance with your ATEX classification.

Main assets of our reactors/dispersers:

  • Quality and speed of dispersion
  • Quick discharge that minimizes product retention
  • Fully automated Clean In Place system – reproducibility of the finished product
  • Deaeration / debubbling of the finished product

We can also supply auxiliary Clean In Place- CIP, vacuum group, temperature controller...

Our  reactors/dispersers are available in several versions (emulsion mixers, rotor stator mixers, dissolvers...) and used in numerous industrial applications such as: polymers and silicone sealants, paints, varnish and ink, lubricants, adhesives and sealants, cosmetic products, decorative coatings in paste form, tile adhesives in paste form, elastomer waterproofing coatings/systems, the food industry...


Reactor-disperser for viscous product
Mezcladores dispersador
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