Rotary drum mixer

Our SOFRAGIR rotary drum mixers are particularly suited to fragile products that do not withstand attrition or heating such as certain types of powders, granules or other bulk products.

Mixing action is undertaken by grooves in the vessel which scoop the product and create crossflow.
Very low rotation speeds ensure products are not overheated and preserve their properties.

Our rotary drum mixers can be used either for batch or continuous processes.
Capacity ranges from 25 to 10,000 liters.
Our standard configurations include a frame and wire mesh protection. Installing these mixers in your workshop is thus straight-forward.

A variety of options are available such as liquid injection for binding or impregnation operations, a control panel… We can also design and manufacture any other options you may require.

 Sofragir industrial rotary drum mixers

Our rotary drum mixers are used in many industrial applications such as: the food industrypolymers, regeneration of catalysts used for refinery...