Sealants & waterproofing

Waterproofing products are used extensively in the building industry to provide protection against damp/water.

These sealing and waterproofing products come in a variety of forms:

  • silicone sealants
  • acrylic sealants
  • elastomeric resin based roof waterproofing coatings/solutions
  • water-repellent hydraulic mortar…

These products are most often in medium-viscosity liquid or paste form.
Hydraulic mortars are dry products.

Our reactors/dispersers can manufacture all types of medium viscosity liquid or pasty waterproofing products. The flexibility of our solutions means that products with very different rheological properties can be manufactured using the same machine: exterior wall coatings, tile adhesives in paste form or waterproofing coatings. Our fully automated Clean In Place (CIP) system guarantees reproducibility as well as optimal production performance.

Our intensive blade mixers for batch processes are widely used for the production of dry mortars.