Vacuum dryer mixer

Many applications involve the evaporation of liquids such as water or other active elements contained in a powder mix. Evaporation requires heat and the challenge is to avoid altering the properties of the mix in the process.
Vacuum drying is the most efficient solution since evaporation can be achieved at very low temperatures.

Our vacuum mixer dryers can dry powders or granules at low temperatures by creating a vacuum within the vessel.
Key benefits:

  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced cycle time
  • perfect control of drying cycle
  • drying of heat-sensitive products without altering their properties (resins, polymers…)

These jacketed vessel mixers have the same basic design as our blade mixers for batch processes and ensure high mixing quality and faster drying times.
The vessel has a thermal exhanger (jacketed vessel) and is designed to withstand the forces imposed by the vacuum system.  
As well as the mixer itself, we can also supply the vacuum and heat-regulation systems.

Sofraden's range of Vacuum mixer dryers

Our vacuum mixer dryers are used in many industrial applications such as: polymers, metallic powders, friction materials...